Ron and Russell Mael, from memory. #Sparks #caricature #illustration #comics #ballpointpen #boredatwork

Hey everyone! I’ll be at the San Francisco Zine fest this weekend, selling comics and drawings like this. Stop by and give me your money.

"Not tonight, dear."

I started drawing some loafers, and the rest kind of just came to me.

I chopped most of my hair off. Here’s a quick and unflattering self-portrait of my new look, so you’ll know how to draw me in case you want to make me the villain in your new animated series. #SkinheadSelfie #TheSluggoToYourNancy

Here we have another Dark Souls 2-themed warm up drawing. For those not familiar with the game, this is not some weird commentary on the institution of marriage. In the game (spoilers), you really meet a giant scorpion dude, and he really asks you to help him kill his wife. She’s no pushover, either!

It’s finished, I guess. Whatever. Jesus, I wish I found real life half as inspiring as this game.

Detail from a Dark Souls 2-themed warm up sketch, because I’m a giant geek. #darksouls #illustration #comics #ink

I found enough time between waiting tables and drinking heavily to draw this cover for the mighty Venkman and their Japanese tour mates Horse & Deer. The 7” is a blast, and you should check it out.

I’m a grown man who makes H.P. Lovecraft fan art in his spare time. The line forms to the left, ladies.