Wrestling-wrelated warm-up sketch. #danielbryan #yesyesyes

Some artists I follow did these this week, and I thought it’d be fun to try one myself. I know witches are supposed to have cats, but y’ know… I’m a dog guy.
#witchsona #witchsonaweek

Because this sort of thing went over so well last week, here’s another naked girl with a dinosaur.

Doodling naked women on dinosaurs until I feel like I know how to draw again.

More or less the truth.

Snooty Unicorn Doodle.

I went for a sort of Will Eisner thing with the title lettering. Not sure it was entirely successful, but at least it took a long time!

Character sketches for the next Trackrabbit. It feels good to be drawing fashionable 20-somethings with shitty attitudes again.

Because I haven’t posted anything in a hundred years, here’s a sketchbook drawing of Firebrand and some other guy from the SNES game Demon’s Crest.

I know I’ve been falling behind on these, but whatever; I got sick, then I had another comic convention to go to. What are you hassling me for anyway? You’re not my real dad!

In any event… Anyone who knows me will tell you that Jack Kirby’s Etrigan the Demon is one of my favorite comic characters. As much as I love the King’s work on the strip, however, it’s the version of the character first introduced by Alan Moore in Swamp thing, then later refined by Matt Wagner, Alan Grant, and Val Semieks to which I am most endeared. In fact, the 22nd issue of the 90’s ongoing series, a stand-alone story written and drawn by Wagner, is one of my favorite single-issue comics of all time. Get thee to ebay! Here we see the little yellow rhymer battling cat-beast Teekl on a Gotham rooftop.