It’s finished, I guess. Whatever. Jesus, I wish I found real life half as inspiring as this game.

Detail from a Dark Souls 2-themed warm up sketch, because I’m a giant geek. #darksouls #illustration #comics #ink

I found enough time between waiting tables and drinking heavily to draw this cover for the mighty Venkman and their Japanese tour mates Horse & Deer. The 7” is a blast, and you should check it out.

I’m a grown man who makes H.P. Lovecraft fan art in his spare time. The line forms to the left, ladies.

A girl and her archaeopteryx. #dinosaurs #naked girls #archaeopteryx #illustration #comics

Wrestling-wrelated warm-up sketch. #danielbryan #yesyesyes

Some artists I follow did these this week, and I thought it’d be fun to try one myself. I know witches are supposed to have cats, but y’ know… I’m a dog guy.
#witchsona #witchsonaweek

Because this sort of thing went over so well last week, here’s another naked girl with a dinosaur.

Doodling naked women on dinosaurs until I feel like I know how to draw again.

More or less the truth.